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Injured in a Left Turn Accident? Speak With a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Injured in a left-turn accident in St. Louis? Consult an experienced car accident lawyer for help navigating your claim and seeking compensation. Call (314) 361-4242

Car accidents are an unfortunate occurrence in our daily lives. These accidents often go unnoticed but have a significant impact. If you have been injured in St. Louis, a knowledgeable St. Louis car accident lawyer can guide you through the process of claiming compensation.


Understanding Left-Turn Accidents

In most cases, a left-turn accident occurs when a vehicle making a left turn collides with an oncoming vehicle that’s going straight. These accidents can happen at intersections with or without traffic lights and are often due to the left-turning driver failing to yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. Other causes include high speed, impaired or distracted driving, and poor visibility.

Who Is at Fault?

According to Missouri traffic laws, the driver making a left turn is typically considered at fault in a collision with a vehicle coming straight from the other direction. The reason for this presumption is that the driver turning left has a duty to yield to oncoming traffic and only proceed when it is clear and safe to do so. This principle, however, does not necessarily hold true in every situation, and there may be exceptions depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident.

Importance of Legal Representation

Determining fault in a car accident, particularly in a left-turn accident, requires a thorough investigation and understanding of traffic laws and regulations. A St. Louis car accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance. They can collect evidence, interview witnesses, interact with insurance companies, and build a strong case on your behalf.

Moreover, insurance companies often attempt to minimize payouts by challenging fault or the extent of the victim’s injuries. A dedicated lawyer can advocate for your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Potential Compensation

Victims of left-turn accidents may be eligible to receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses: This includes both immediate costs like emergency room visits and long-term costs such as rehabilitation or ongoing medical care.
  • Lost wages: If your injuries prevent you from working, you may be entitled to compensation for lost income and future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: This is compensation for physical discomfort and emotional distress caused by the accident.
  • Property damage: This covers repairing or replacing your vehicle and other damaged property.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

Left-turn accidents can lead to severe and life-altering injuries. And navigating the legal system can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to recover. Remember, you do not have to face this challenge alone. A seasoned St. Louis car accident lawyer can guide you through this difficult time and fight for your rights.

At The Hoffmann Law Firm, our St. Louis car accident lawyers are committed to providing comprehensive legal support to car accident victims. With over 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of Missouri’s traffic laws, we can help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a left-turn accident, don’t hesitate. Contact our office today for a free consultation, and learn more about your legal rights and options.

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Updated: June 15, 2023