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Joint Injuries After a Car Accident

If you have suffered a joint injury in a car accident you may be experiencing its long term effects such as pain and restricted movement.

St. Louis man with joint injury after accident

Many people get away with only minor or moderate injuries after a serious car accident. They are obviously happy that their injuries are not serious and that they are alive despite being in a severe accident. However, this relief may soon wear off if a victim starts feeling the effects of a joint injury. Usually, it takes some time before car accident victims recovering from sprains, dislocations, and fractures begin to experience the full and often permanent effects of the trauma. In this post, our St. Louis auto injury attorney will discuss the various types of joint injuries a person can suffer in a car accident.

Types of joint injuries a car accident victim may sustain

Knee injuries: Knee joint damage is among the most common injuries suffered in car accidents. In many car accident cases, the victim’s knees strike the dashboard, steering column, or front seat. This can tear the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). These types of injuries often require surgery and physical therapy. In many cases, it results in a loss of mobility and permanent irregular knee movements.

Hip injuries: Hip injuries can lead to lifelong problems for the victim. In the worse cases, patients often have to undergo hip replacement surgery, and despite the surgery may not be able to recover completely and may suffer from problems such as permanent loss of mobility, inability to lift heavy objects, run long distances, stand for a long time or play sports. Hip dislocation can lead to nerve damage and loss of sensation in legs and feet. In older victims, hip injuries can prove fatal.

Shoulder injuries: One of the most common shoulder injuries occurring as a result of car accidents involves the rotator cuff and it often requires surgical treatment. Patients may have to remain immobile for several weeks to allow the joint to heal. The victims may also require ongoing physical rehabilitation. All this can result in lost time from work and on-going medical costs.

Elbow injuries: These injuries are common in drivers or passengers who brace themselves against the steering wheel or dashboard before impact. This can cause damage to the elbow joint, which includes impingement, twisting, or crushing as a result of a rollover crash. These injuries result in an inability to perform daily activities and limited range of motion.

Wrist and finger injuries: Slamming a hand into the window or gripping the steering wheel in a crash can cause the wrist to break and damage fingers. This type of injury restricts grip strength, fine motor skills, and finger reach. These effects may be long term depending on the severity of an injury.

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Updated: February 8, 2019