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Missouri Texting and Driving Laws


st-louis-auto-accident-attorneysThere is no question that texting while driving puts yourself and others at risk of a car accident.

There is an abundance of information published about the risk of doing so. As a result, many states have taken action and banned texting while driving completely. Missouri is not one of them.

In 2009 the Missouri legislature focused their attention on young drivers when they banned texting while driving for anyone under 21. This means that Missouri is one of only six states to allow drivers 21 and older to text and drive legally. Some feel that banning drivers under 21 from texting and driving is sufficient. However, the reality is that adults text and drive almost as much as teens.

One study showed that 15% of younger drivers have reported seeing their parents text while driving. And while 34% of  teens say they have texted while driving, 27% of adults admitted to sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel. Clearly the issue lies, not only with young drivers, but with all drivers, young and old.

Texting and driving is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, one report claims that in 2011 23% of auto collisions, around 1.3 million, involved cell phone use. It is also reported that 5 seconds is the minimal amount of time you take your attention away from the road when you are texting. This means that if you are driving around 55 MPH, you would drive the length of a football field without looking at the road. Since texting makes a car crash almost 23 times more likely, it is advisable to never text and drive.

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Updated: August 9, 2018