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Recent Multi-Vehicle Accident in Missouri


Wrongful Death LawyerMulti-vehicle accidents are often unavoidable and can be particularly catastrophic, even life-altering.

A mulch-vehicle accident that occurred on August 20 around 7:15 AM in Kansas City, Missouri resulted in the hospitalization of seven people.

Investigators say the chain reaction began when a maroon SUV headed westbound on Vivion Road crossed the center line and hit other vehicles.  It has been reported that the woman driving the SUV may have suffered from a diabetic seizure. In addition to the female driver, there was an adult and three children inside the vehicle. All five were hospitalized, as well as the drivers of two other vehicles.

Captain Tye Grant of the Kansas City police department said, “As you can imagine it was busy at the time in the morning. I believe there were a lot of people around I’m sure that tried to help.”

Many neighbors were reportedly coming the aid of those injured in the multi-vehicle crash, including Shaunda Shupert, who lives on Vivion Road. She says she recalls hearing the loud crash and running outside to see what happened. After calling 911 to report the accident, she and another neighbor went over to a blue Saturn and spoke to the severely injured woman inside the vehicle until an ambulance arrived on the scene.

The woman in the blue Saturn suffered life-threatening injuries. It took rescue workers nearly a half hour to get the woman out of her vehicle.

A 17-year-old on her way to high school was involved in the accident but not hospitalized.  She is currently helping investigators sort out the details of what happened.

Multi-vehicle Accident Lawyer

Accidents happen instantly and can be devastating. Multi-vehicle accidents are often unavoidable and can be particularly catastrophic, even life-altering. In the event of a multi-vehicle crash, it is important to contact a Missouri car crash attorney right away.

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Updated: April 8, 2023