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Preserving Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident

Here is why it is so important to preserve and organize all medical bills and records related to your accident.

After suffering car accident injuries that require hospitalization or other forms of treatment, you may not really be an position to start thinking about a personal injury. However, it is important that you start thinking about the evidence to support your claim as soon as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting a fair recovery from the party at-fault. The best starting point is generally your medical bills.

stack of medical bills

Why you must organize your medical bills?

The sheer number and complexity of your medical bills can be overwhelming. You treatment may involve various parties such as a hospital, individual physicians, and of course, an insurance company. All these parties would likely send their own records for payment.

If your injuries were serious in nature, you may need advanced treatment such as specific medications, rehabilitation sessions, and future surgeries. These would generate multiple statements from each group and you will end up with multiple sets of invoices and numerous folders with unique statements. It is often the job of the legal team to sort and organize the medical bills, records and related documentation.

They are the ones who normally make sense of these piles of documentation and figure out ways in which they can be best used for client’s claim. The whole process would also include requesting court orders, obtaining subpoenas and showing evidence of fault.

What information can be obtained from your medical bills?

Keeping all your medical records in proper order can help you in more than one way. This helps the organization of your case and strengthens the claim by providing useful information. Your detailed billing statement can help your St. Louis accident lawyer find snippets of information that can prove invaluable in strengthening your argument. Your medical bills and records can provide the following information:

  • Medical expenses: In order to ensure that you are compensated for all your medical expenses arising from a car accident you should be able to reveal your total medical costs, deductibles and other expenses you paid out of pocket. This would act as the base of your claim.
  • Specific treatment: If your injuries need unique or complicated treatments such as laboratory tests, radiology and others, the records should be available to your lawyer
  • Secondary insurance: Some people have different forms of insurance. If the secondary insurance is not used at all or was not used properly, the medical bills can highlight the issue.
  • Other information: The medical bills also reveal when and where the treatment was administered, and who administered it.

Seek legal help ASAP

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Updated: March 30, 2018