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“Should I See a Doctor After My Uber Accident Even if I Feel Fine?”

One way to almost guarantee that your Uber car accident claim will be denied is by not seeing a doctor after your accident.

Uber car accident claims can be quite difficult to navigate. The insurance claims’ process in itself is not easy, but when you also have to go up against a big company like Uber, the pressure is even higher.

One way to almost guarantee that your Uber car accident claim will be denied is by not seeing a doctor after your accident.

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Why You Should See a Doctor

There are two main reasons: 

1. For Your Health

One, and the most obvious, has to do with your health. Your body has a natural defense system that allows you to flee bad situations, by pumping additional adrenaline. This hormone can essentially numb the pain long enough for you to get to safety.

The problem is, this hormone can also make you think you are fine, but you will start experiencing pains once your adrenaline levels lower. Additionally, there are some car accident injuries known to not show immediate signs, such as traumatic brain injuries. People can walk around with a TBI for days and feel perfectly fine, unknowing they have a life-threatening condition.

2. For the Sake of Your Claim

If you are the victim of the Uber car accident and want to file a compensation claim, one of the first things the insurance company may ask is why you did not go to a doctor right after the accident.

This seemingly small choice can complicate your Uber car accident claim quite a lot, and your activity post-accident will come into question. You may have to provide that you were not involved in any other event after the Uber car accident, which may also be a cause for your injuries.

If this angle doesn’t work, the insurance company has another one ready: perhaps your health is in this current state because of your own negligence. They may claim that had you gone to the doctor right after the accident, perhaps your condition would have been a lot better. To make matters worse, for some injuries-it is almost impossible to determine whether this is true or not, which may lead to a lower settlement.

What Should You Do?

There are three things you should do after an Uber car accident:

The police will generally file a report which can be used as an objective recollection of events, something you may use later in your car accident claim against Uber. A doctor with experience in addressing car accident injuries can ensure you are safe and help prepare relevant medical files for your claim.

As for the lawyer, they are your best shot at going up against Uber and protecting your legal rights after an accident.

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Updated: September 30, 2020