Broadside Collision

St. Louis broadside collision

Research shows that around 8,000 – 10,000 people die in T-bone accidents every year, which is way more than the number of casualties involved in head-on and rear-end collisions combined. Modern automobiles have safety features like seatbelts, bumpers and airbags to protect passengers from the rear and front end collisions, however not much is done … Read more

Top Causes of Intersection Accidents in St Louis, MO


Intersection accidents are often severe and could have been prevented. Intersections are known as a breeding ground for car accidents. The Federal Highway Administration reports nearly 2.5 Million intersection accidents every year. Nearly 40 percent or 1 Million accidents are due to intersection collisions. Roughly 50 percent of these result in serious injuries whereas 20 … Read more

The Use of Traffic Control Devices to Help Establish Liability

Advances in technology often allow accident investigators to get a clearer picture of how a collision really occurred. Roadway intersections are a common scene for car accidents. There are cars approaching from four different directions, all in conflict with one another. Some are attempting to cross through the intersection, others may be trying to turn … Read more