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Teaching Your Teen to Avoid a St. Louis Car Crash

Teach your teen the importance of driving safely and avoiding distractions.

Getting their license is such an exciting time in a teenager’s life, but not so much for the parent of a teen. It is nice that they gain independence and can do things on their own, but every time that they get behind the wheel, there is the potential that they can make the wrong move and end up getting into a car accident. It’s not just about the expense involved, either; car accidents can be very serious and are something that every teen’s parents worry about when their child starts driving.

If you want to ensure that they make it back safely when they are out for a drive, there are some tips that you can teach them to avoid a car accident. Since many teens fail to anticipate harm where it may exist, pointing things out to them and making an impression might just save their lives.

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Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is second only to drinking and driving when it comes to causes of car accident fatalities. Make sure to reiterate to your teen that they are not to use their cell phone when they are on the road. Not only is it illegal in Missouri and something for which they can be given a ticket, but it can also lead to an accident.

Limit Their Driving Time

You may consider not allowing them to drive at night or limiting their nighttime driving until they gain some experience. Driving at night not only comes with visual hurdles, but it also carries the potential that they will be on the road with people who are drinking and driving. Until they have a good bit of experience driving behind the wheel on their own, you may decide to limit their nighttime driving to keep them safe. If they want to stay out later, offer to give them a ride for the first few months.

Limit Passengers

Consider not allowing your teen to drive with more than one passenger at a time. When they begin driving it is best to limit the number of passengers in the car. The more people in their car, the more liability they have, and the more likely it is that they will have additional distractions.

Every time that your teenager gets behind the wheel of a car, there is the potential that they can make a poor decision that can end in a car accident. To limit the potential that they are in a car crash, try these tips to keep them safe. Once they establish that they can carry more responsibility and understand the seriousness of driving a car, then you will rest easier at night knowing they will make it home safely.

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Updated: February 8, 2019