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6 Tips to Increase Your Car Accident Settlement Amount


Follow these six tips to ensure that you don’t miss out on the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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Missouri is a comparative law state. This means that unlike at-fault states, both parties can be found negligent and liable for an auto accident. That makes it tough not just to figure out who is to blame and responsible for paying, but to negotiate a fair settlement. If you are having a hard time negotiating with an insurance company, whether you are at fault or not, the best step to take is to consult with a St. Louis car accident attorney to figure out whether it is smart to take a settlement or to take the case to court. The following six tips may be helpful to discuss with your attorney.

Collect as Much Evidence as You Can at the Scene

Sometimes when you are shaken up, you don’t always take the necessary steps. Immediately following the accident, try to get video and photos of the scene to give to your attorney to use in the negotiation process.

All Eyes Might Be Watching You

Many insurance companies will hire private investigators to try to prove that your injuries aren’t as severe as you say – or even that you aren’t injured at all. Make sure to always conduct yourself as if someone is watching, so that they can’t claim you are misrepresenting your injuries.

Don’t Ever Put Things in Writing

When you are recounting the events of the accident, don’t ever put anything in writing. If you discuss the incident with anyone, just know that it can come back to haunt you. And most importantly – don’t ever post anything on social media; that is the first place that the insurance carrier will go looking for evidence.

Get Any Necessary Medical Attention

If you are injured, the first thing you need to do is to seek medical care. If you don’t, the insurance carrier might use that as proof that you aren’t really hurt at all. To establish causation and prove that your injuries are real, you will want to seek medical attention and always to make sure to follow up and go to all of your scheduled appointments.

Keep a Journal

Since you may be entitled to collect both non-economic and economic damages, you will not only want to keep all your medical records, but also a journal of your pain and suffering and emotional distress. Those are the types of things that your St. Louis car accident attorney can use to negotiate your settlement.

Hire the Right Lawyer

The St. Louis car accident attorney that you choose will directly impact the type of settlement that you get. Hiring someone who can not only determine your current damages, but also anticipate any future needs, is imperative to getting the most out of your settlement. Also, if a settlement can’t be reached, you will want someone who will fight to get you what you are entitled to.

A settlement is typically the preferred choice for an automobile accident, but only if you have the right St. Louis car accident attorney fighting in your corner. Follow these six tips to ensure that you get the full amount of compensation you are legally entitled to.

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Updated: July 16, 2018