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The Top 8 Mistakes Drivers Make After a St. Louis Car Crash


The moments after a car crash can be very hectic. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to drivers making these common mistakes.

St. Louis rear end collision accident

If you ever get into an accident, one of the best steps you could take is speaking with a St. Louis car accident lawyer. When you do, they will hope that you did not make any of the following mistakes before seeing them. To evade this scenario, you need to understand these critical mistakes and avoid making them.

Not Calling the Police

After an accident, you should call the police. They will make a report, gather physical evidence, and interview the drivers involved. The reason this is so important is that you want there to be an official report of the incident. If there isn’t, the other driver could change their story and negatively impact your case.

Failing to Obtain Evidence

The top pieces of evidence you should collect are photographs of your injuries, vehicle damage, the surrounding scene, and any skid marks on the ground. Additionally, you should search for witnesses who may have seen the event.

Admitting Fault

No matter what happens before your accident, do not apologize to the other driver or admit fault to the police. Emotions run high after a car crash, and you might end up saying something you don’t mean.

Not Going to a Doctor

When you pursue compensation for your injuries, you need to come up with an estimate for the benefits you deserve. To do this, you need to know the full extent of your injuries. This is best determined by a doctor.

Trusting Insurance Companies

If you put your full trust in an insurance company to provide you with the compensation you need, you will likely be disappointed. You should assume that insurance companies will give you low offers and that you need to negotiate for what you deserve.

Waiting Too Long to File

Though you will generally have up to two years to file your personal injury claim, you will want to start the process as soon as possible. A prompt filing will lead to a stronger case and a better settlement offer.

Settling Quickly

When negotiating with insurance companies, you may have an impulse to settle right away. This is because the compensation process is stressful and you might want to get it over with quickly. This is a mistake. Settling quickly will likely lead to a bad deal.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

A lot can go wrong in these types of cases, so it is always a smart decision to speak with a St. Louis car accident lawyer. They will assist you throughout the process and make sure you don’t make any of the above mistakes. Additionally, they can leverage their experience and fight to get you a fair deal.

When you experience a car accident, there is a good chance you are entitled to benefits. That being said, making a critical mistake can lessen your compensation or eliminate it entirely. To protect yourself against this, you should know these top eight mistakes and make sure you don’t make them after your accident.

Updated: November 9, 2022