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Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle During Inclement Weather

Now that winter is upon us and the state of Missouri has seen its first snowfalls, it is important for motorcycle enthusiasts to be even more cautious when out on the road.

icy-roadEven after a road has been cleared, a rider can unexpectedly come across an icy patch and lose control of his vehicle. Motorcyclists are also at a greater risk for severe injury if a driver of a passenger car or truck drives recklessly during inclement weather. The instability of the two-wheeled vehicle makes it more difficult to react to a sudden hazard, especially when road conditions are not optimal. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle crash during inclement weather conditions, consult with a Missouri motorcycle attorney. Even in a case where the negligence of the other driver is clear, you will need their assistance to receive compensation.

Avoid Riding When the Roads Are Icy

In the past, Missouri has been found to have one of the highest fatality rates from accidents caused by icy roads. In order to avoid being part of that number, do not ride during these conditions. Even the most seasoned of riders recommend leaving the bike at home when there is ice on the road. If you have no other option, there are a few tips to offer that may be beneficial in helping you avoid an accident.

A Few Tips to Avoiding an Accident

Start by making sure you have dressed appropriately. Having cold fingers and legs will affect your reaction time, which is already hindered by the icy road. Obviously, you will want to maintain a slower speed to help keep control of your bike. Do not make any sudden movements, like a lane change, if you can avoid it. Braking should be slow and applied evenly to both wheels in order to maintain traction. Use a stage brake technique, slowly stopping the bike by applying just a little pressure to gauge how the bike reacts before attempting a full stop.

Use the same staging technique when accelerating as well. Allow the bike to slowly ease into it while you pay attention to make sure the back tire does not lose traction. Keep at least two times the distance you normally would for stopping. The obstacle for a Missouri motorcycle accident attorney proving a case of negligence under icy conditions will be the defense’s claim that the motorcyclist should not have been driving if they knew of the hazard. It would be helpful if you could show how you took every possible precaution to avoid an accident. Comparative negligence may be presented by the defense and you could potentially lose a portion of your compensation, even if the other party looks to be entirely at fault.

Receiving Compensation

This latest round of snow to hit Missouri caused at least three major car accidents in the St. Louis area, one which resulted in a fatality, while cars involved in minor accidents littered the sides of highways. Motorcycle enthusiasts are strongly urged to leave their bike in the garage during these types of events. If you do go out and are injured in an accident, call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242. While challenging, we will investigate all options to help you receive compensation for your medical care.

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Updated: August 8, 2019