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Pain after Car Accident


Treatment for car accident related pain depends largely on the severity and type of injuries.

Car accidents can cause injuries ranging from mild to severe, and almost all injuries cause some form of pain. In this article, we will discuss the common types of pain that can occur after a car accident and the various treatment options available.

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Types of Pain

Neck pain: Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that a person can suffer in a car accident. It usually results from a rear end collision when the impact causes the head to move backward and forward violently. The hyper-extension of of the neck can cause neck pain, headaches and stiffness. Most people suffer whiplash do not experience any symptoms immediately following the crash. It make take hours and even days for the symptoms to show up.

Back pain: It can result form a bulging or herniated disc. The impact of the collision can cause a spinal cord injury. The bones in the spine are cushioned by discs. These discs can slip out of their place in a crash and cause pain

Pain in lower extremities: Severe car crashes can cause substantial structural damage to the car, and this can result in injuries to the lower extremities. The victim may suffer injuries ranging from minor strains to severe fractures. Pain from these injuries can vary greatly depending on the severity of the injury.

Head pain: Car accidents can cause concussions, and this can cause headaches. It is not uncommon for people to hit their head on the steering wheel or vehicle interior. Apart form headaches, concussions can also cause confusion and loss of consciousness.

Treatment Options Available

Treatment for car accident related pain depends largely on the severity and type of injuries. While some injuries may heal on their own with minimal treatment, some others require extensive and long term treatment.

Treatment for pain from car accident injuries include use of pain medication, NSAIDs and physical therapy. In case of neck pain, use of a neck brace may be helpful. For spine injuries, injections may be required.

If the car accident victim is experiencing head pain along with some other symptoms such as confusion and blurred vision, it is important to seek immediate medical attention, because it could be due to concussion. While minor concussions can be treated with rest, severe concussions may require hospitalization.

For leg pain, RICE method is the first line of treatment. Physical therapy is also used to restore strength and mobility. In extreme cases, surgery may be required.

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Updated: July 16, 2018