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Using a Car Accident Lawyer For an Insurance Claim

Some car accident insurance claims are simple and clear-cut and do not require an attorney for the claims process.

car-accident-claimThe simplicity of the case lies in the following factors:

  • Liability is absolutely clear; for example, the other party is clearly at fault and he/she has accepted the liability.
  • The injuries are minor with low medical expenditure.
  • There are no mitigating circumstances which require further investigation, such as pre-existing medical conditions, complicated scenarios beyond one’s comprehension, insufficient knowledge about coverage, information about the statute of limitations (the deadline defined for filing a lawsuit against the party at fault).

Why You May Need Help Filing a Car Accident Claim

Legal information and other regulations are not known to all and some people start out by handling their own claims only to call in a St. Louis car accident attorney later in the process. You might consider using the services of a St. Louis car accident attorney in the following scenarios to ensure that your case is processed in the correct manner.

  • The liability is unclear or there is more than one party at fault.
  • The evaluation of your claim is not known to you.
  • Your medical history has been asked by the adjuster.
  • An initial settlement offer has been proposed by the adjuster; however, you think that your claim is worth more than the amount offered.
  • Instead of a lump sum amount, the adjuster has offered a structured settlement for your claim.
  • Negotiating a claim settlement is a tricky process and you are not confident of your ability to handle the negotiations on your own behalf.
  • Your claim has a settlement for lost wages which is difficult to prove. This is encountered if you are a business owner, a consultant, or a salesperson.

When It is Essential To Use a Car Accident Attorney

If your case falls in the following categories, it may become essential for you to hire a car accident attorney for processing your claim.

  • There are certain circumstances which you think you would not be able to prove; however, they make your claim more valuable.
  • Your claim has been denied by the insurance company. It is your belief that the insurance company has wronged you by denying the claim.
  • The settlement amount offered by the insurance company is too low.
  • Your injury is serious with considerably high medical bills. There may or may not be any residual disability.
  • Your injury is moderate with a disability and you may continue to incur medical bills in the future.
  • The injured is a minor and the injuries are more than moderate.
  • The liability has not been established and is still being disputed; you believe that you are not at all responsible for the accident or are partially responsible.
  • You have been haggling with the insurance company for over a year and the claim has not been settled. You are also not aware of the statute of limitations in your state.
  • The circumstances of the accident are complex and you require an expert to investigate the case.
  • You have been served with a lawsuit by the other party.

If your case falls in either of the above categories, consult with The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 before making any statements in front of an adjuster.

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Updated: August 23, 2019