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Using Electronic Evidence in a St. Louis Car Crash Claim


Proving fault can be difficult as most accident claims involve ‘he said, she said’ disputes. Here are a few sources of electronic evidence that can help you prove your claim.

Witness testimonies and police reports are great pieces of evidence in a personal injury claim. However, sometimes they may not be enough to convince the court to rule in your favor. This is where electronic evidence may come to your rescue. Let’s take a closer look at the types of electronic evidence and how they can help lend credibility to your injury claim.

dash cam

1. Surveillance Camera

Most accident claims involve a lot of ‘he said, she said’ disputes. However, a surveillance camera within the vicinity of an accident can make a difference in your case. For example, in a hit-and-run accident with no eye witness, a surveillance video can provide you with strong and compelling evidence against the negligent driver. These cameras may include security cameras on homes and businesses or traffic cameras.

2. Dash Cameras

Dash cams record everything that happens in front of you when driving. If you are a victim of a hit and run or sideswipe accident, your dash cam can help identify the model and license plate of the other vehicle.  Also, remembering the events that occurred before, during, and after an accident can be tricky. A dash cam can help you fill in information gaps, enabling you to reach a fair and speedy settlement. 

3. Event Data Recorders

Just like black boxes aid in accident investigations in aircraft, modern vehicles have Event Data Recorders (EDR). These devices capture important information about accidents such as steering angle, brake application, acceleration, stability control engagement, engine RPM, crash force, etc. 

Accessing EDR data is not an easy task. For starters, you need an expert who’s equipped with the right tools to help you extract the data and make sense of it. Second, EDR data is categorized as private data, which means you can only access it with the owner’s permission or through a court order if the owner refuses. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney by your side. An attorney will help you obtain court orders if need be and connect you with experts, such as EDR data experts, to help you prove your claim has merit.  

4. Electronic Logging Devices

To curb work irregularities, most commercial vehicle companies have installed electronic logging devices (ELDs) on their vehicles to capture hours of services.

If you believe or suspect the at-fault driver was fatigued at the time of the crash, checking the ELD on their vehicle can help you determine how long the driver was on the road.  If the log shows they had been driving for more than 14 hours, this may indicate they were fatigued during the time of the accident.

Seek Legal Help

Obtaining electronic evidence is hardly a piece of cake. And even when you get it, you can be sure the insurance company will try to poke holes in it. For this reason, among many others, we recommended getting in touch with an experienced attorney who can help you collect strong evidence, build a strong case and negotiate with the insurer on your behalf. 

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Updated: August 17, 2021