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When a “Phantom Driver” Causes You to Have a Car Accident

You may find yourself being blamed for a car accident caused by a “phantom driver.”

Woman Phoning Insurance Company To Report Car DamageBeing run off of the road can seriously complicate a car accident claim. With so many factors to consider as the cause, it will take the help of an astute St. Louis car accident attorney to help prove your case if it was another driver’s negligence who forced you onto the side of the road.

When a “Phantom Driver” Runs You Off the Road

If your car is run off of the road with no witnesses, you are facing an uphill battle. An insurance adjuster can place the blame of the car accident on you, citing distracted driving or even sleeping behind the wheel. Unless the at-fault driver stops, or you have credible eyewitnesses, filing a claim with your insurance company for the actions of a “phantom driver” is going to be difficult.

A phantom driver is a term used by police to describe a vehicle that causes a car accident that cannot be corroborated with evidence. This differs from a hit and run, where physical evidence of the contact is left on your car. A phantom driver does not hit your car but forces you to react in defense of his or her negligent driving.

Filing an Insurance Claim

You will not be able to file a claim against a phantom driver unless the driver stops or you are able to find the driver. This is sometimes possible if a witness is able to recall the license plate number. Even then, you will have to either get the driver to admit fault or be able to prove it. This is an especially frustrating situation to be in, knowing that someone else caused your car accident but will not have to pay the consequences.

You may suffer grave injury if run off of the road. Hitting a stationary object like a guardrail or a tree while traveling at a high speed may cause all kinds of bodily damage, such as traumatic brain injuries and internal complications. Treatment can be long and expensive, often necessitating long-term care. Ask a St. Louis car accident attorney for help in recovering these damages after your accident.

Using a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

Even if the other driver does come forward, most insurance companies may still view a runoff as a single car accident since there is no physical contact between the vehicles. Your St. Louis car accident attorney will work with you to help create a case compelling enough to sway the insurance company to help pay for the damages.

These are complicated and frustrating accidents for an injured driver and the outcome will have much to do with the insurance carrier you use and the types of coverage you have. If you are suffering from injuries after being forced off of the road by another driver, let a St. Louis car accident attorney review your case.

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Updated: October 14, 2022