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Why Exaggeration Won’t Get You Higher Injury Compensation After a Car Accident

Here is why you don’t need to exaggerate your car accident injuries. You need to build your case on solid evidence.

Let us be clear. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then it’s your right to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver. However, exaggerating your injuries won’t get you more money. In fact, it can affect your claim and even get you in trouble. 

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Why Exaggerating Your Injuries Is a Bad Idea

For starters, exaggerating or misrepresenting your injuries (also known as malingering) can affect your credibility. Even if the accident was not your fault and you’ve been, in fact, injured during the collision, the jury may become skeptical and less inclined to award you fair compensation. 

Making a dishonest claim could also get you in legal trouble. If the at-fault party can prove that you’ve deliberately given false information in your personal injury case, then they could sue you based on malicious prosecution

“Will I Really Get Caught?”

You may think the jury can’t determine if you are exaggerating your symptoms or being honest. After all, pain is subjective, and your tolerance to it may be lower than in the case of others. However, the reality is that it’s not hard for the defendant’s lawyers to discover inconsistencies in your claim. 

  • Private Investigations: If you’ve filed a claim for compensation after a car accident, then you can expect to have every step and action scrutinized. The insurance company may hire a private investigator to follow you and attest to your version of the story. If you claim that you can’t work after the car accident because of intense back pain, but you are seen and photographed carrying grocery bags, this could count as an inconsistency.
  • Evaluations of Your Medical Records: The insurance company will carefully examine your medical records, looking for any inconsistencies that they can use to lower or deny your claim. For example, you injure your shoulder during the collision and claim that you’ve been stiff and unable to use it for five months after the accident. However, your medical records show that you’ve had physical therapy and recovered in just four weeks. This exaggeration will significantly affect your claim. 

Why You Don’t Need to Exaggerate Your Injuries

Victims who decide to represent themselves in car accident claims often make many mistakes, including exaggerating or misrepresenting their injuries. However, lying and providing false information aren’t effective ways of winning a case.

A good St. Louis car accident lawyer can help you build your case on solid evidence and get proper compensation for your injuries and car damages. 

You don’t need to exaggerate your injuries. You need to build your case on solid evidence. For a free case evaluation, get in touch with The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at our 24/7 accident lawyer helpline below.

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Updated: January 22, 2021