SUV Crashes Into Day Care

Drivers have a duty of care to drive safely and protect others who share the road. Last month a car accident at a Kansas City day care injured the vehicle driver and three children. Police report that a sport utility vehicle rear ended a Cadillac that was parked. The car was smashed through the wall … Read more

Recent Missouri Auto Accidents Resulting in Injury

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The Hoffmann Law Firm is dedicated to getting the maximum compensation for car accident victims in Illinois and Missouri. There have been several recent car accidents which have left a few Missouri residents injured, but thankfully no one was killed. Auto accidents can easily result in fatalities or devastating injuries, and while these accidents had … Read more

MODOT Tries New Safety Experiment Intended To Reduce Accidents

According to the The Missouri Department of Transportation, there are about 150 fender bender vehicle accidents each month between Interstate 70 and Interstate 270. In order to curb the number of these accidents, the Department of Transportation is trying a new experiment. They are adding a new component to the overhead electronic message sign system … Read more

Man Arraigned After Fleeing From Hospital After Accident

Drunk driving puts other drivers at serious risk of injury or even death. On June 29, there was an accident that ended in two fatalities and three people injured. The accident took place on Highway 100 around 7:00 p.m. at Route M. The man who caused the accident then fled from the hospital where he … Read more