Can Government Be Held Liable for a Car Accident?

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Governments, their employees and agencies are protected from many types of liability including responsibility for car accidents by a legal concept known as sovereign immunity. If you have been in an accident that involves the potential liability of a government employee or entity, establishing liability and recovering damages may be complicated. Governments, their employees and … Read more

Blind Spot Accident

St. Louis blind spot car accident

A large number of accidents happen because drivers fail to check their blind spots before they make turns or back up. Car accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from driver negligence to defective vehicle components.  A large number of accidents happen because drivers fail to check their blind spots before they … Read more

Shoulder of the Road Accidents

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Many people don’t give a great deal of thought to the chances of an accident on the shoulder of the road. Accidents on the shoulder of the road are more common than many people think and account for many fatalities on our roads each year. Shoulder of the road car accidents occur on all types … Read more

Filing a St. Louis Car Accident Lawsuit

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The following are a few things to consider when filing a St. Louis car accident lawsuit. No matter how strong your case is, you need to consider several factors before you file the suit. Most importantly, you need to think about where to file it. For this reason, among others, an experienced St. Louis car … Read more

Statute of Limitation Car Accident

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Talk to a lawyer for Free 24/7 (314) 361-4242 : File your claim as soon as possible and prevent missing out on the compensation you are legally entitled to. When you’ve been in a car crash, you can end up with physical injuries, emotional injuries and also damage to your property. If the accident was … Read more