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4 Reasons to Speak With an Attorney After an Uber Accident

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Many car accident victims have one question over their heads: do I need a lawyer if they want to file an auto injury claim and get compensation?

While you are not forced to, and can legally represent yourself, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced attorney. Especially if the at-fault driver has Uber on their side.

Here are some reasons why:

You’re Not Familiar with the Claims Process

Even if you wouldn’t be up against an Uber driver, it would still be difficult for most people to go through the insurance claims process. If you’ve ever stopped to read your own auto insurance policy, no doubt you noticed the language insurance companies regularly used isn’t very friendly to those not familiar with the industry and its lingo.

Plus, the insurance companies won’t necessarily be sympathetic to your situation, so don’t expect anyone to slow down and explain what’s going on. Uber, as a company, won’t be making any payment out of their own pocket – the insurance company will. As a result, the adjuster will be highly motivated to get you to accept a low-ball offer.

It Can Take a Long Time

With a lawyer, you only have to present at crucial points of the process, and not be dragged in every single time there’s a meeting.

Insurance claims can take a long time to settle, with all parties going back and forth, presenting new evidence, and negotiating a settlement. If you’re also dealing with recovery, that prospect might not be something you want to go through.

You Will Likely Get Less

Negotiating a settlement involves presenting a strong case that shows the truth is on your side and having the skill to convince the other party you are right. If you’re not legally represented, you’ll be the only party with little to no experience in negotiating. That, plus your lack of knowledge on how this process works can result in a low settlement.

The other parties will try to make you believe anything they offer is ‘the best you’ll get’, even if that’s not exactly true.

Other People May Be Watching This Case Closely

Uber is a multi-billion dollar company that’s no stranger to controversy. It’s likely that even your case may catch the attention of a few people. As a result, Uber likely wants this case to go away as quickly as possible (and pay as little as possible) because for them these are bad PR moments.

This can put pressure on the insurance adjusters to be even more aggressive in their tactics.

Speak With an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a car accident with an Uber driver and want to seek compensation, don’t go through it alone. Contact a St. Louis Uber accident lawyer now to make sure you get a fair settlement that can cover damages.

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