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5 Signs of Talk and Die Syndrome After a St. Louis Car Accident


Here’s why you should seek medical attention even if your injuries seem minor after a St. Louis car accident.

Some of the most serious car accident injuries are head and brain injuries. One of the dangerous things about them is that, in some cases, they are noticed later and show symptoms that could be mistaken for something else. This makes people underestimate their injuries’ graveness and postpone their doctor’s visit, only to watch their health degrade later.

St. Louis man with severe headache after car accident

“Talk and die” syndrome is one of the most dangerous manifestations of head injuries following a car accident. 

Let’s discuss how to recognize the first signs and what to do to save your life or the life of a loved one.

What Is Talk and Die Syndrome?

The name of this condition is that victims often seem unharmed, while their health deteriorates fast because of their head injuries. Soon after, if the condition is not noticed, the victim may dies. 

This condition is generally caused by an epidural hematoma, bleeding in the middle meningeal of the brain. Bleeding can be caused by accidents you might see as minor, such as being hit in the head with a football or slipping on a wet floor and bumping your head on the floor. Clearly, car accidents can easily cause brain bleeding if you hit hard objects or surfaces in the car or if your brain hits the inside of your skull during sudden movements of the head.

How to Identify the Talk and Die Syndrome?

Learning what the symptoms of “Talk and Die” syndrome are can save your life or the life of others. After being in a car accident, watch out for any little symptom that might seem unusual, and be sure to report it to your doctor. Having no symptoms should not prevent you from being evaluated by a medic. 

Symptoms of “Talk and Die” include:

  • A glazed look
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Blurry vision
  • Fatigue 

Unfortunately, this condition evolves rapidly, and if the early symptoms are ignored, the victim can slip into a coma and die in a matter of hours after the accident. Early diagnosis is crucial in saving these victims’ lives. 

If you were in a St. Louis car accident and you think that you’ve suffered a head injury, see a doctor as soon as possible. Getting immediate help can mean the difference between life and death. 

If you have suffered a head or brain trauma from a car accident, speak with an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney for help protecting your legal rights and building a strong case.

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