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7 Ways to Prevent St. Louis Auto Accidents When Driving at Night


Roads become especially hazardous after the sun goes down—the most likely reasons include low-light conditions, intoxication, and fatigue.

No matter the explanation, you can use the following seven methods to stay safe while driving at night. 

nighttime car accident

Use Your Headlights

Though this safety tip may seem very obvious, it is essential and important to emphasize. Headlights help you in two ways. The first is illuminating the road in front of you so that you can see hazards and avoid them. The second is telling other cars where you are so they don’t accidentally hit you. Of all the recommendations we can give, having functional headlights and using them is among the most useful. 

Keep Your Windows and Mirrors Clean

One of the most problematic aspects of driving at night is other drivers shining their headlights through your windshield and in your mirrors. What makes it even worse is when they are dirty, which only exacerbates the glare. You can fight this effect by keeping your windows and mirrors clean.

Give Other Drivers More Space

Driving gets a bit harder in low light conditions, which makes bad drivers even worse. Avoiding accidents with these people mostly comes down to giving them space. Doing so will provide you with more time to stop or evade them if they make an erratic move. 

Keep an Eye Out For Erratic Behavior

Nighttime is when many drivers are either tired, intoxicated or both. Additionally, many people have trouble seeing in low light conditions, and their driving skills deteriorate. No matter what is going on with them, if you see a driver acting erratically, try to get away from them as soon as you can. 

Be Aware of Pedestrians

Between drunk people coming out of bars, joggers, and everyone else that roams the streets at night, there are many St. Louis residents that you must watch out for. While some of them wear reflective gear, many do not. That choice increases your responsibility to drive with caution. 

Keep Your Speed Down

Though there are many dangers on the road, you can avoid most of them when you have enough time to react. Unfortunately, traveling at high speeds reduces your ability to do so. This is why keeping your pace a bit lower than usual is a smart strategy. 

Take Breaks During Extended Trips

If you’re driving through the night, you might find yourself becoming fatigued. If so, don’t try to suppress that feeling and soldier through, as that choice can mean getting into an accident. What you can do instead is take breaks throughout your drive and stay alert as a result.

Though driving at night can be dangerous, using these seven safety tips will significantly increase your odds of avoiding an accident. However, you can still be hit by another driver and sustain an injury. In that case, it’s a good idea to discuss your legal options with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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