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6 Common Accidents That Occur Due to Traffic Congestion


Rush hour, which refers to the part of the day when most people commute to work or home, is a leading cause of road congestion. Unfortunately, road congestion increases the risk of St. Louis auto accidents. Let’s consider 6 common road congestion-related accidents and what you can personally do to prevent causing them.

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1. Distracted Driving Accidents

Many drivers take out their phones and start browsing, texting, or calling when stuck in traffic. Others look for snacks to eat while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, these actions distract the drivers and divert their attention off the road, which, in turn, increases the risk of a collision.

2. U-Turn Accidents

As a driver, you may be tempted to make a U-Turn in the process of searching for an alternative route. However, doing so without carefully and adequately assessing the road increases your risk of being T-boned by oncoming traffic. What’s more, you could be hit by the car behind you while reversing or sideswipe the vehicle in the next lane.

3. Multiple Car Accident

Generally, the space in between cars in a traffic jam is usually minimal.  This increases the chances of multiple car accidents. For example, if you hit an emergency brake, chances are the drivers behind you may not have enough space and time to hit theirs, and they might drive right into you. As a result, this may cause a rear-end chain reaction accident.

4. Collisions on the Shoulder of the Road

The shoulder is a pavement designed for use by emergency vehicles during traffic congestion. You may be tempted to take advantage of this clear space but could end up colliding with a speeding police car or an ambulance.  

5. Road Rage Accidents

Many motorists are guilty of aggressive behaviors. This includes tailgating, and running red lights, especially during rush hour, when in a hurry, and running late to work. Doing so can put your life on the line because it increases your chances of colliding with other vehicles. It would, therefore, help to stay calm and avoid putting yourself in danger.

6. Head-on Collisions

Some drivers might get so impatient they decide to use the opposite lane to avoid delays. Sadly, the oncoming traffic may reach them before they find a space to squeeze back into the congested traffic. This may result in a head-on collision with fatal injuries.

How Can You Prevent Traffic Accidents?

Adopt the following measures to avoid or minimize common accidents due to road traffic congestion:

  • Comply with traffic regulations
  • Don’t speed. Instead, be patient and allow traffic to ease off.
  • Avoid sudden movements as much as possible.
  • Clearly signal your direction.

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How to Safely Drive on Congested Roads

Everyone hates driving on congested roads with slow traffic, however it’s often unavoidable. Don’t let the frustration of driving on congested roads make you throw caution to the wind. Car accidents are likely to occur on congested roads.

We understand the stress and frustration of driving on roads with heavy traffic. Fortuantely, there are a few things you can do to safely drive on congested roads.

Don’t Drive Fast

Slow driving speeds are characteristic of congested roads, but when you’re running behind schedule, you might be tempted to drive fast to make it to your destination on time. This is a bad idea.

Resist the urge to drive fast in heavy traffic regardless of how late you are. That’s the surest way to avoid getting into an accident that will only cause further delays. Driving carefully and getting to your destination safely are more important than getting there on time.

Avoid Weaving Through Traffic

Apart from speeding up, the congested roads may tempt drivers into weaving through the traffic. This is especially common with seasoned drivers who think they can best the heavy traffic. This could result in a fatal car crash. 

Another dangerous scenario is if a passenger or pet darts into the congested road. Because you’re too busy switching lanes and weaving through traffic, you may not see the pet or passenger. As a result, you may end up hitting them or causing an accident.

Always Look at the Rearview and Side mirrors

Pay keen attention to your rear-view and side mirrors while driving on congested roads. By looking at the mirrors, you can spot any cars, bikes, or pedestrians trying to overtake your car. That way, you can let them safely pass you.

Most drivers overlook their back mirror when driving on congested roads. That’s because they assume that no one is looking to go past them. Keep a close eye on your rear-view and side mirrors, so you don’t collide with anyone trying to overtake your car.

Avoid Distractions

Driving in slow traffic may seem boring, and the urge to text your friend or a family member may come naturally. However, avoid any sort of distraction while driving on congested roads. This includes texting, calling, checking your hair, or doing your make-up. Distracted driving, regardless of the amount of traffic, is dangerous.

Free Consultation with a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t talk to an insurance claims adjuster before speaking with The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We can help you avoid making statements that may affect the outcome of your case. The consultation is free; you don’t pay unless we get you money!

Updated: April 26, 2024