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7 Internal Injuries That Can Be Caused by a Car Accident


Internal injuries are dangerous after a car accident because they may go unnoticed for a period of time.

Some of the most dangerous injuries one can get from being in a car accident are internal injuries. They are so dangerous because they might not be noticed right away, even if they are potentially life-threatening. 

Internal injuries are one of the few reasons why it’s extremely important to see a doctor after you’ve been in a car accident and monitor your symptoms for a while after the event. Here are a few potential internal injuries that can be caused by a car accident.

st. louis man with internal bleeding after a car accident

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be caused by blunt trauma when you hit a hard object in the car (like the steering wheel), or by deceleration. Your vital organs, blood vessels, or soft tissue can be affected, and untreated internal bleeding is a life-threatening injury.

Broken Ribs

The pressure that the seatbelt or another object excerpts on the thorax can lead to broken ribs. They are not a life-threatening condition in themselves, but they could do further damage by cutting, piercing, and wounding surrounding tissue and organs with the sharp edges of broken bones. Pierced lungs are one of the most common complications of broken ribs. 

Brain Bleeding

It doesn’t even take direct trauma to the head for your brain to be injured enough to bleed or to be bruised. Traumatic brain injuries are prevalent in car accidents because of the sudden motion your head is subjected to. Concussions are injuries that can be detected quite late, and some are potentially life-threatening.

Punctured Lungs

As mentioned before, broken ribs often lead to pierced lungs. You may not notice a pictured lung right away, but it’s a condition that can rapidly degenerate to complications and even death. Your body won’t receive enough oxygen and the air you breathe will go into your abdominal cavity. 

Blood Vessel Ruptures

Heavy internal bleeding is very dangerous when a major blood vessel is affected. This is an emergency and should be treated right away, as losing blood so fast will eventually kill you. 

Injury to the Internal Organs

Whether your organs are hit with a blunt object, or they hit the walls of your thorax or abdomen with high speed, injuries can lead to complications fast. Symptoms vary, depending on the affected organ.

Seatbelt Injuries

Wearing a safety device while traveling by car will not guarantee you are unharmed in an accident. Sometimes, the seatbelt itself can hurt you, especially if it’s fitted incorrectly. Damage from seatbelts includes broken ribs, internal organ bruising, etc.

Seeking Compensation for Internal Injuries

Once you have been diagnosed with internal injuries from your car accident, it’s highly recommended to get in touch with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney.

An experienced attorney will help you build a strong case, based on hard evidence. They will be able to identify and avoid the tactics used by insurance companies to pay lesser settlements. And they can help you focus on your recovery, knowing that the legal aspects are in good hands.

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Updated: January 18, 2023