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Can Overloading a Car Cause an Accident?

Yes. An overloaded car is a danger on the roadways and can result in a car accident.

overloaded car accident

An overloaded car is carrying more weight than what the manufacturer intended it to. This could be due to carrying too many passengers, having a heavy load in the trunk, or even towing a trailer that’s too heavy.

Whatever the case may be, an overloaded car is a danger on the roadways and can cause a car accident. Here are some of the dangers it poses: 

Increased Stopping Distance

 An overloaded car requires more distance to stop than a car within the manufacturer’s weight limit. This is because the extra weight makes it harder for the brakes to slow down the vehicle. This poses a danger not just to the driver and passengers of the overloaded car but also to other drivers on the road. If someone needs to brake suddenly, an overloaded car might be unable to stop in time, leading to a collision. 

Decreased Handling

 An overloaded car also has decreased handling abilities. The extra weight makes it harder for the suspension and tires to grip the road. When making a turn, an overloaded car is more likely to roll over because of this decreased handling. Once again, this decreased handling puts not just the driver and passengers of the overloaded car at risk but also other drivers on the road. If an overloaded car loses control, it could drift into another lane and cause a serious accident. 

Reduced Tire Traction

Finally, an overloaded car can reduce tire traction, making it more difficult to brake and control the vehicle. This is especially true in wet or slippery weather conditions when tires are already struggling to maintain contact with the road. In addition, an overloaded car is more likely to develop mechanical problems, such as a blown tire or seized brakes. Unfortunately, this can contribute to a serious accident.

As you can see, several dangers are associated with driving an overloaded car. If you must carry a heavy load or tow a trailer, be sure to do so within the manufacturer’s weight limit to avoid these dangers. You can also do the following as it can help prevent your car from being overloaded and reduce the risk of a crash: 

  • Balance the load evenly between the front and back of the car. 
  • Secure all items so they don’t shift while you’re driving. 
  • If you’re traveling with family and are headed to the same destination, consider dividing passengers or any items you have among the vehicles so that your car is not overloaded.

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in an accident with a car that was overloaded, you may be wondering if the driver can be held responsible. Missouri law requires all vehicles to be operated safely, including not exceeding the maximum weight limit. 

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Updated: January 9, 2023