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How Do Rollover Car Accidents Happen?

Let’s discuss what a rollover accident is, how it happens and what causes rollover accidents.

Rollover accidents are car accidents where cars roll over their sides at least once. They’re not that common, accounting for only 3% of car accidents in the US. However, they account for 30 percent of passengers’ deaths each year. That’s a  staggering 10,000+ deaths every year.

Let’s discuss what a rollover accident is, how it happens and what causes rollover accidents.

St. Louis SUV rollover accident

What Is a Rollover Accident?

A rollover accident is a car accident where the car rolls over on its side at least once and often rests on its back. Rollover accidents are almost always fatal, and if not, generally lead to debilitating injuries. The best way drivers can avoid rollover accidents is by driving carefully, not speeding, and not driving while drunk or high.

There are two types of rollover accidents:  Tripped and untripped rollover accidents. With the latter, car tires impact an object at high velocity, making the vehicle flip on its side. With untripped accidents, no object makes the car tip over, but it does because of impact with another object or high velocity on sharp turns.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

There are plenty of things that cause rollover accidents. However, most of these accidents are caused by driver recklessness. That said, here are a few causes of rollover accidents.

Drunk driving: Drunk driving is one of the country’s leading causes of rollover accidents. Drivers who drive while drunk have impaired judgment. This increases the chances of colliding with another vehicle or veering out of control. When the driver veers out of control and goes over an embankment, a rollover accident is imminent.

Speeding:  People who drive at extremely high speeds are more likely to get involved in rollover accidents. When a driver collides with another car, the impact will often lead to a rollover accident. This is especially true when one car tries to evade the other and makes a sharp turn.

Problems with the tires: Cars with faulty tires are susceptible to rollover accidents. Sometimes tires burst unexpectedly, making the driver lose control of the car. When this happens, the result may be a rollover accident.

 Defects with vehicles: Unroadworthy cars present a serious safety risk to vehicles and pedestrians on roadways. Most vehicles these days come with stabilizing systems that help them drive steadily on the roads. They also protect the cars from tilting sideways in case of any accidents. Any defects with this system could result in a rollover accident.

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Updated: December 15, 2021