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If you’re not used to driving on rough roads, it’s important to take extra care and be aware of the potential hazards that can lead to a car accident.

car accident caused by a road hazard

Rough roads can be a challenge to drive on, especially if you’re not used to them. They can be full of potholes, uneven surfaces, and other hazards that can damage your car or cause you to have an accident. Here are some of the most common hazards you’ll find on rough roads:

1. Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Although these hazards are not exclusive to rough roads, they are more common and can pose a greater danger. Dust, dirt, and debris can obscure a driver’s vision, making it difficult to see obstacles in the road. In addition, these materials can clog up the engine, causing the car to overheat or stall. These materials can also get caught in the brakes, making them less effective and increasing the risk of an accident.

2. Dangerous Intersections

Did you know that around 36% of all car accidents happen at intersections? That’s because intersections are often plagued with hazards like poor visibility, drivers making sudden turns, and pedestrians crossing the street. 

Rough road intersections can be especially dangerous, making it difficult for drivers to see what’s ahead and react in time. Here are some tips for driving safely through intersections on rough roads: 

  • Take your time. Don’t rush through an intersection just to save a few seconds.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop. If you can’t see clearly around a turn, it’s better to err on the side of caution and slow down. 
  •  Look for pedestrians. Be especially careful when turning, as pedestrians may start to cross the street without looking. 
  • Use your signals. Let other drivers know your intentions by using your turn signals well before turning. 

3. Confusing Directional Signs 

Rough roads are also often characterized by confusing directional signs. These signs may be small and difficult to see, or they may be covered with graffiti or other markings. As a result, drivers may have difficulty determining which way to go, or they may miss important turns. In some cases, confusing directional signs can even lead to accidents. 

4. Unpredictable Changes in Work Zones 

Another common hazard on rough roads is unpredictable changes in work zones. Construction projects on rough roads can cause lane closures and other changes that are not always well-marked or well-lit. This can create hazards for drivers who are not aware of the changes and might unexpectedly find themselves in a different lane or in an area where there is no longer a shoulder to drive on. 

In addition, construction equipment and workers can be present in the roadway, creating hazards for drivers. It’s important to be aware of these potential hazards and to slow down when driving through work zones.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re not used to driving on rough roads, it’s important to take extra care and be aware of the potential hazards. By being prepared for the challenges of driving on rough roads, you’ll be able to stay safe and avoid any accidents or damage to your car.

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Updated: December 12, 2022