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Car Accident Cause by Debris from Another Vehicle


As a car accident victim, you might wonder what your rights are and what will happen if you find yourself in an accident caused by debris from another vehicle.

car accident caused by debris

Cases of debris from another vehicle causing injury or damage to another vehicle or the occupants are a common occurrence on our roads. Whether it’s due to a truck losing a part of its trailer or a poorly secured load, the result can be costly and dangerous

As a car accident victim, you might wonder what your rights are and what will happen if you find yourself in this situation. Read on as we discuss the complexities of this issue and what you can do.

Common Debris from Other Vehicles and the Dangers They Pose

The most common debris from other vehicles includes loose components such as nuts and bolts, loose bits of metal, and even parts that have completely broken off. These can be particularly dangerous as they can be hard to spot and can cause tires to burst, windows to shatter, and even cause injury to the driver and other passengers.

Additionally, broken glass, dirt, and other debris that fly off other vehicles can be dangerous as they can cause visibility issues, causing the driver to lose control of their car and get into an accident.  In some cases, logs, rocks, and other large objects can also be thrown from other vehicles, and if they collide with a car, they can cause serious damage and injury.

In short, despite the type or size, all debris from other vehicles can be dangerous and cause serious injury or damage.

Who’s at Fault for Injuries Sustained from Debris from Another Vehicle?

This is a very important question as it can have a significant impact on the victim’s ability to receive compensation for the damages they have endured. In many cases, the driver that generated the debris is held liable for any injuries sustained in the car accident. However, depending on the circumstances, other parties may also be found liable. 

Finding the At-Fault Driver and Holding Them Liable

Finding the driver of the vehicle that left behind debris that caused your car’s damage or injury can be difficult. However, there are a few steps you can take to help the process:

  • First, document the location of the debris and the damage it caused. 
  • Next, contact the local police department to report the incident and provide any information about the debris. 
  • Additionally, you can try to use any identifying features of the debris, such as a license plate number, to track down the driver.
  • You can also reach out to nearby businesses to see if they have any surveillance footage of the incident. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to do all these alone. You will benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. At The Hoffman Law Firm, we have 25 years of experience and can help you with the legal process of finding the driver and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.