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Chronic Arm Pain and Weakness After a Car Accident

You might be surprised to find out that, in many cases, injuries are not noticeable immediately after the accident but manifest with a delay and may get worse with time.

Several forces impact your body during a car accident in ways we cannot fully predict or avoid, even when using the car’s safety devices properly.

If you are experiencing chronic arm pain and weakness following a car accident, it could be an injury that was masked by adrenaline in your system. It could also happen that reasonably severe damage worsens with time, causing this type of pain.

chronic arm pain

Possible Causes of Chronic Arm Pain and Weakness

Several types of injuries can lead to pain and weakness in your arms after a car accident. The mechanisms of such an impact are complex, and circumstances will vary significantly from one case to another.

Direct Trauma to the Arm

Any part of the arm can be injured directly during a car accident. Your pain might indicate the location of the injury, but it could also radiate from your clavicle to your shoulder or the other way around, from your arm to your thorax, making it harder to spot.

Your arm can be injured from the impact of another object in the car, like the steering wheel, windshield, airbag, door or window, dashboard, seat, or even things you had inside the vehicle.


Whiplash is a type of injury caused by the weight of your head being suddenly projected forward, putting a strain on the neck, spine, or shoulder. This can leave you with back, neck, or shoulder pain that a physician should investigate.

Extended Arm During the Accident

Often, the driver or even the passengers suffer from arm injuries because of a natural response to the impact of a car crash: extending your arm to protect your head and chest. This, combined with the straining of the muscles, can put too much pressure on your joints, tendons, or bones.

3 Steps You Must Take If You Have Arm Pain or Weakness

If you want to recover completely from your car accident without long-term risks, seeing a physician as soon as possible is imperative. Pain and weakness are symptoms of a wide range of injuries, and it’s crucial to determine their extent.

See a doctor right away

Even if you think you are feeling fine, you should still see a doctor, as many injuries take time to show their first symptoms.

Follow the Prescribed Treatment

Make sure to follow the doctor’s orders as closely as possible. Not only that it will help with your recovery, but it will aid your claim too.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accident claims are rarely straightforward, and the insurance company will use even the most minor details to pay you as little as possible. Working with a good St. Louis car accident attorney will protect your legal rights.

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Updated: April 26, 2024