Chronic Pain After a Car Accident

St. Louis man with chronic back pain

Speaking with a St. Louis car accident lawyer is especially important if you experience chronic pain after an accident. Getting in a car accident is an incredibly traumatic experience. You might have to endure expensive repairs, severe injuries, or emotional trauma. Unfortunately, once your crash is over, the pain often doesn’t go away. When you … Read more

Nerve Damage After Car Accident

male driver with nerve damage after a car accident

Crush injuries or significant trauma can cause serious nerve damage after a car accident. The damage most often occurs in the neck, face, back, and shoulders. There are various types of injuries that you can suffer from a car accident. While some are immediately evident such as a laceration or a fracture, others are not diagnosed … Read more

Chronic Arm Pain and Weakness After a Car Accident

chronic arm pain

You might be surprised to find out that, in many cases, injuries are not noticeable immediately after the accident but manifest with a delay and may get worse with time. Several forces impact your body during a car accident in ways we cannot fully predict or avoid, even when using the car’s safety devices properly. … Read more