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Common Airbag Injuries During an Auto Accident

If you or a loved one have suffered an airbag injury in a car accident due to another’s negligence or recklessness, contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

Airbags are not soft, fluffy pillows that cushion an individual’s face in a crash. The technology in airbags is meant to save lives, not necessarily prevent injuries. When they deploy, they do so with tremendous force, often resulting in injuries.

If you or a loved one have suffered an airbag injury in a car accident due to another’s negligence or recklessness, contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We have 25 years of experience exclusively helping car accident victims. We fight to win you the compensation you deserve. The consultation is free, and you don’t pay unless we get you money!

How Airbags Work

Airbags are made of strong but light fabric packed into various locations throughout a vehicle and are designed to deploy very quickly in the event of an accident. The one on the driver’s side is loaded into the steering wheel, and the one on the passenger side is stored behind the dashboard.

Airbags are connected to a series of crash sensors placed throughout the vehicle and can sense when the car has been in an accident. These sensors then send signals to the airbags and cause them to deploy in the event of a crash.

Airbags assist in protecting the passengers from hitting the side of the car or rigid objects such as trees, poles, the ground, or other vehicles. Even though they can cause injury, they save lives and often make the injuries less severe than they could have been otherwise.

What Are the Different Types of Airbags? 

There are several different types of airbags, including frontal airbags (which deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard), side airbags (which deploy from the sides of the seats), and curtain airbags (which deploy from the ceiling). Some newer cars also have knee airbags and even seatbelt airbags.

What Triggers an Airbag? 

Airbags are usually triggered by a collision sensor, set to activate at a certain level of impact. However, some newer cars have more advanced sensors that can also detect rollovers, rear-end collisions, and even side-impact collisions.

Are There Any Dangers Associated With Airbags? 

While airbags save lives, they can also cause injuries if they deploy unexpectedly or with too much force. It’s important to read your car’s owner’s manual carefully to understand how your car’s airbag system works.

How Airbags Can Cause Injury

An airbag deploys at speeds of roughly 100 mph. When an individual is hit by something at that speed, it results in a severe impact on the body. If the person is sitting too close to the airbag or is not wearing their seat belt, severe injury can occur. In addition, there are chemicals used to deploy the airbags that have been known to cause injuries.

Airbag deployment can cause a variety of injuries. The following are some ways in which airbags can cause injuries:

  • The high speed at which the airbags deploy can cause lacerations, impact burns, and abrasions
  • Driver and passengers can sustain chemical burns if the airbag gets ripped and the chemicals are released
  • Airbag deployment can cause fractures in the skull, rib, nose, elbow, fingers, and eye socket
  • The airbag hitting the head or face can cause severe eye injuries
  • Can cause neck and back injuries from whiplash and blunt trauma

5 Airbag Safety Rules You Need to Know

Don’t Sit Too Close to the Steering Wheel or Dashboard

Many people are guilty of this habit. It seems harmless enough, but it can be very dangerous if you’re in an accident. The airbag is designed to inflate quickly and with a lot of force, so if you’re too close to it when it goes off, you could be seriously injured by the impact. 

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re sitting at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel and at least 2 inches away from the dashboard. 

Don’t Put Objects on the Dashboard

Whether it’s a coffee cup, sunglasses, or a phone, it’s too easy to place something on the dash and forget about it. However, this can be a dangerous mistake if you’re involved in a collision. Airbags deploy with a tremendous amount of force, and any objects in their path can become airborne projectiles., which could cause serious injuries. It doesn’t matter how soft or harmless it might seem; even a pair of sunglasses can cause serious injuries if propelled by an airbag at high speed. 

Don’t Lean Against the Door

Side airbags are designed to protect passengers in a rollover or side-impact collision. However, these airbags can also pose a risk of injury if they deploy when a passenger is leaning against the door. For this reason, it’s important to avoid leaning against the door of a vehicle with side airbags. Instead, passengers should sit upright in the center of the seat, keeping their hands and arms inside the vehicle. 

Don’t Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

If your legs are in the way of an airbag deploying, they can be severely broken or even amputated

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt will help keep you in place during a collision, minimizing the risk of being thrown into an airbag.

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Updated: December 5, 2022