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Hip Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

You can suffer severe trauma after a car accident. Your body is being pulled and pushed forcefully, and that can happen even during low-speed impacts. Sometimes, you may suffer injuries in parts of your body that didn’t even sustain a blow. For instance, if your knees smashed the dashboard or steering wheel, then you could suffer a hip fracture. Although the hit wasn’t direct, the immense amount of pressure on your body could cause damage to the hip.

Hip injuries are rather common in car accidents, but that doesn’t make them easier to treat. Because they can affect your mobility, require complicated interventions, and affect other parts of the body too, hip injuries require extensive treatment. That’s one of the reasons you need to work with a good St. Louis car accident attorney. Getting proper compensation can prove difficult if you’re not aware of what is at stake.

Hip Injury Symptoms

The primary function of the hip joint is to sustain the weight of your trunk, arms, and head. So, it’s easy to see how an injury can affect your quality of life and make routine tasks a burden. The problem with the hip joint is that it can be easily damaged during a car accident. Because it doesn’t contain a lot of fluid, it’s easy for blood or pus to fill the space between the joints. That can lead to swelling and pain. The hip can also fracture or dislocate because of the powerful trauma sustained during the collision.

delayed hip pain after car accident

Some of the most common signs that you may have suffered a hip injury include:

● Pain in the groin, back or legs;
● Difficulty moving;
● Limping;
● Pain in the upper legs or knees;
● Pinched lower back nerves.

Keep in mind that these symptoms don’t manifest themselves right away all the time. If you start experiencing any of the above signs, go see your doctor right away. Left untreated, hip injuries can worsen and dramatically affect your quality of life.

How Much Compensation Will You Get

The short answer is that it depends on the nature and severity of your injury. The court will look at several factors to determine how much your claim should be worth. For example, if your job requires you to walk a lot and the injury affected your mobility, then you may receive higher compensation. The number of interventions and their complexity can also impact the amount you will receive. If your hip was permanently damaged and you are faced with partial or total disability, then your settlement can easily run into millions of dollars.

You Will Need a Lawyer

The insurance company will try to diminish the severity of your injury or hide the fact that the weakened hip joint may lead to subsequent fractures. An experienced St. Louis auto accident lawyer will take every detail into account when filing your claim.

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Updated: January 4, 2021