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How an Auto Accident Reconstruction Specialist Can Benefit Your Case

One of the best things you can do in the event of an auto accident is to hire competent professionals.

If you suffer an injury from an auto accident, the best result for you and your St. Louis auto accident attorney is to have the other driver admit that they were at fault and pay you for your damages. Unfortunately, it is rarely that easy. Instead, other parties will deny their role in the collision and claim to be innocent. One thing that can turn one of these gridlocked cases in your favor is hiring an accident reconstruction specialist. Below, we explain precisely how that works and what it can do for your lawsuit.

Why You Might Hire a Specialist

As we explained above, many cases get derailed due to inconsistent testimonies. One party will claim that the other was at fault, and the other will tell the opposite story. The factor that often works these cases out is advanced analysis of the evidence, and one of the best people to do it is a reconstruction specialist.

Evidence Used in Reconstruction

The following are the most common types of evidence reconstruction specialists use to figure out precisely what happened in accidents.

Photo and Video – A smart thing to do after an accident is to take as many pictures as possible. Doing so allows you to get a record of what the scene looked like post-collision. Your specialist can use these photos to analyze what happened in the accident. Additionally, this professional can search for video footage from nearby surveillance cameras.

Vehicles – Whether the cars are still functional or totaled, the damage they received will have clues about how the accident occurred.

Witness Statements – Though witnesses can be unreliable, their testimonies are still incredibly useful. This assertion is especially true when physical evidence backs their stories up.

Black Boxes – Most cars store data like the speed at a specific time, when brakes are applied, and more.

Cell Phone Records – These records tell your specialist if anybody was talking on the phone or texting just before the accident.

Miscellaneous – Though less common, these professionals also use evidence like toxicology reports, receipts from driver purchases, and drone footage of the accident area.

The Effect it Might Have on Your Case

When it is your word against there’s, you will have a tough time winning a personal injury case. The reason is that people are innocent until proven guilty, and your word is not enough. Fortunately, that proof can come in the form of your reconstruction specialist telling a story that matches yours. Doing so could turn the tides of the case and get you the compensation you need. The evidence will already be available, but these professionals have the unique training required to put it all together and illuminate the truth.

One of the best things you can do for your personal injury case is to hire competent professionals. Though the most important of them is your St. Louis car accident attorney, accident reconstruction specialists often play a vital role in getting you the benefits you deserve. For this reason, you may want to discuss hiring one with your lawyer in the event of a lawsuit.

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Updated: January 10, 2024