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5 Claims Auto Insurance Companies Make About Claims

Any St. Louis auto accident attorney will tell you that insurance companies usually care more about profit than they do about you and your future. A typical result of this mindset is them advising you to not pursue benefits when doing so is in your best interest. We present 5 claims they might make to convince you not to file a claim.


Claims are Time Consuming

The first way an insurance company might try to dissuade you form making a claim is by telling you how long the process will take. They often use this tactic early on to convince you to either not make a claim or accept a low settlement offer. Some personal injury cases do take a significant amount of time to be resolved but many cases do settle up promptly. Your St. Louis car accident lawyer will help make the process as painless and profitable as possible.

Auto Accident Claims are Too Expensive

This assertion is incorrect for two reasons. First, personal injury lawyers do not get paid unless your case is won. The result is that you will incur no upfront cost when fighting for your benefits. The second reason is that these types of lawsuits may yield large payouts. In all likelihood, your claim won’t cost you anything and you will end up putting a significant settlement amount in your pocket.

You are Partially at Fault For the Car Accident

The two basic types of fault systems are comparative and contributory. In the latter, any person that was partially negligent for a car accident cannot pursue compensation from another party. Most legal professionals consider this law to be unfriendly to victims. Luckily, Missouri works on a comparative system, where you can make a claim even if you were partially at fault. This concept means that you shouldn’t listen to an insurance company that tries to dissuade you based on partial negligence.

Legal Proceedings Cause Undue Stress

While legal proceedings are often unpleasant, the person that carries the most of the stress is your injury lawyer. The reason is that they are in charge of doing all the leg work, while you provide support as needed. This dynamic results in personal injury lawsuits being relatively low-stress for victims.

Your Injuries are Not Severe Enough

The grain of truth behind this tactic is that some injuries aren’t severe enough to justify legal action. An example might be a minor cut, which goes away after a few days under a bandage. On the other hand, insurance companies often tell people that their injuries are not serious when they really are. Your best way to defend against this is seeing a doctor and getting a professional opinion.

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Updated: January 10, 2024