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How Much is My Car Accident Settlement Worth?

If you suffer personal injury or property damages from a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the negligent party. How is the value of a car accident claim determined? The amount depends on a number of factors. There are common factors that may impact the value of your car accident claim.

Consistency of Car Accident Report

In the process of making a car accident claim, you will be asked to describe how the accident occurred. It is important to make sure that you provide the same description to everyone. You may be asked for a statement by different people, including the police officer, the insurance company of the negligent party, your defendant’s lawyer, and your doctor.

It may not be possible to give exactly the same explanation to everyone, but be consistent as much as possible. If you fail to maintain consistency in your accident report, you may end up allowing the defense to make a strong case against your claim.

Adequate Evidence Against the Party-at-Fault

In order to win fair compensation for your financial losses, you will be required to present enough evidence against the negligent party. The value of your claim also depends on the kind of charges brought against the party-at-fault. For example, the amount of compensation you can claim in a drunk-driving case may be higher than the amount you can claim for a rear-end collision case.

Testimony From Medical Experts

The severity of your injury is taken into consideration when deciding the value of a settlement. You may claim that your injuries require long-term treatment and days off from work, but you will need the testimony of medical experts.


How your injuries from an accident could affect your future earnings and lifestyle is an important factor taken into consideration when determining the value of a settlement. However, be very careful about making any claims regarding post-accident restrictions. If your claims are found false, you could be penalized. For example, if you claim that the doctor has advised you to avoid heavy lifting but later you are found to perform heavy lifting tasks, you could be accused of making false claims for your personal gain.

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Updated: June 17, 2018