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How to Use a Roundabout Correctly and Prevent a Car Accident


It is important to know what a roundabout is and how to drive around one correctly to prevent serious car accidents.

roundabout intersection

Have you ever used a roundabout? While many people haven’t, they are becoming more common in many cities. Therefore, it is important to know what a roundabout is and how to drive around one correctly and safely. They can be a little complicated if you haven’t come across one before. If you do a lot of driving, you’ll likely be faced with getting around a roundabout sooner or later. Being aware of safely using a roundabout could prevent you from making any mistakes that could cause an accident. Accidents on roundabouts are common, in part because people do not understand how to drive around them correctly.

What is a Roundabout?

A roundabout is a type of traffic intersection. There is typically a circular central island, and all traffic moves in the same direction around this island. Traffic then exits on one of several roads leading away from the central island. A roundabout keeps traffic flowing as there are no signals, and traffic doesn’t stop for long, if at all, before proceeding onto the roundabout itself.

Some roundabouts only have one lane, but it’s more common to have two or more lanes.

How to Use a Roundabout Correctly

As you approach the roundabout, you’ll usually see a yield sign and dashed lines. You should slow down and assess the situation ahead. You may need to stop entirely at this point. Remember to look out for cyclists and pedestrians too.

In advance of the roundabout, ensure you are in the right lane. You will need to pick a particular lane for the exit you will be taking, so pay attention to signs and road markings on your approach to the roundabout.

Wait for a gap in the traffic in your lane before entering the roundabout. Only enter a roundabout when you are sure it is safe to do so. Always proceed slowly around a roundabout. If you miss your exit, complete another circuit of the roundabout until you reach your exit again.

When exiting a roundabout, stay in your lane. If you need to change lanes, ensure traffic is clear and safe to do so.

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Updated: July 28, 2021