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Making Claims in Underinsured or Uninsured Driver’s Car Accidents

Car accidents involving underinsured or uninsured drivers can be quite complicated from a legal standpoint.

Side_on_collisionThe victim may need to collect from both the other driver’s insurance company and their own insurance company. The tough part is that dealing with both the insurance companies can be quite tricky. The insurance companies may try to deny or delay the claims, and getting them to pay the claim that you deserve can be difficult.

Missouri car accident attorneys believe that in order to receive the rightful compensation for injuries, the victim should be aware of their rights. The victim should also hire a competent Missouri car accident attorney to help navigate the complexities of dealing with the insurance companies. Here is some insight into the claims process involving car accidents caused by underinsured or uninsured drivers.

Uninsured Driver Car Accidents

In such accidents, the driver-at-fault has no insurance coverage at all. From a legal standpoint, hit and run cases are also considered uninsured driver accidents because no information related to driver insurance is available. In Missouri, every driver must have uninsured motorist coverage. The minimum coverage limit is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Higher limits will certainly offer better protection.

Underinsured Driver Car Accidents

In such accidents, the driver-at-fault has some, but insufficient insurance coverage. The coverage is not good enough to cover the damages suffered by the car accident victim. In these cases, the victim has to approach their insurance company to receive the rest of the funds that they need. In Missouri, having underinsured motorist coverage is not compulsory; however, individuals can buy it at their own will. If they do not possess this insurance, they will receive only the amount covered by the other driver’s insurance.

Uninsured or Underinsured Insurance Claims

The moment you realize that the driver responsible for the car crash is uninsured, you should immediately notify your insurance company that you intend filing an uninsured claim. Some insurance companies may allow a period as short as 30 days for the victim to send a notification about the uninsured claim. So, it is important not to delay it.

In case of an underinsured claim, you would not know that the driver’s coverage is insufficient as long as the medical treatment progresses and you get to understand the actual extent of damage and value of the case. Once you have figured out that your damages are worth more than the defendant’s liability coverage, you should notify your insurance company immediately about your intention to make an underinsured driver claim.

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Updated: April 23, 2014