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Physical Therapy for Neck Injuries After a Car Crash

Car accidents can often be a life-changing event. Some victims don’t really get to fully recover after a few days in the hospital. Some require long-term treatment.

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One example in this sense is people who sustain neck injuries. The neck is supposed to be mobile and support the head, but an injury can lead to stiffness, severe pain, and ultimately impact your quality of life. To treat these injuries, people often have to receive long-term physical therapy that can restore the strength and functioning of their neck.

But who pays for it?

Determining Who’s at Fault

If you’re the victim of a car accident, then the at-fault party (or parties) is ultimately responsible to cover the costs of medical treatments you require as a result of the accident. It’s not just the immediate medical treatment that’s relevant here. The law essentially states that your medical costs relevant to the accident are the responsibility of the at-fault party.

On the other hand, if you are at-fault, then you will have to cover the costs of therapy through your own auto insurance policy. However, you should know that if the cost of your therapy exceeds the limit covered by the insurance policy, the rest of the costs are your responsibility. It’s important to read your policy and see exactly what’s the maximum compensation amount.

Additionally, if you have committed a crime at the time of the accident, it’s possible for the insurance company not to cover any of your costs. Many policies state that coverage does not extents when a driver is found guilty of a crime, such as a hit and run.

Proving You Need Therapy

If you require long-term therapy and want to cover the costs through an auto injury insurance claim, you ultimately have to prove you really need the therapy. This can sometimes be easy to do if your doctor will testify on your behalf that therapy is necessary.

You cannot, however, decide you want to get physical therapy on your own and expect the insurance company to cover it. Adjusters will often argue that since your doctor did not prescribe this form of treatment, then it is not urgent, or completely necessary for you.

But, there is another way around this: the settlement. Apart from coverage for medical expenses, you may likely receive a settlement from the at-fault insurance company for pain and suffering, meaning for any other distress the car accident may have caused. If you negotiate a good deal, you may cover your physical therapy through the settlement.

Work with a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

To get a fair settlement, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced St. Louis auto accident lawyer who can negotiate with insurance adjusters and get you a fair deal.

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Updated: January 29, 2020