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Severed Fingers From a Car Crash

The value of your settlement increases if you get more than one severed finger. Moreover, it also depends on the parts of the finger that will be amputated as well as which fingers were affected.

Car accidents can cause many types of injuries, from small scrapes and bruises to trauma that leads to death. Some of the more severe injuries involve finger amputations, which also leaves the victim with a permanent deformity and disability.

When it comes to personal injury suits, the court calculates the value of the settlement by taking various factors into account, from the level of liability of the persons involved in the crash to the extent of the medical treatment you will need to get.

First and most importantly, the doctor must assess your condition to establish the level of pain and suffering that is caused by the accident. Finger amputations are serious injuries, and they greatly affect the quality of your life, but they also vary a lot in terms of severity.

severed finger car accident

Did You Lose More Than One Finger in an Auto Accident?

We use our hands and fingers for countless activities during the day, so limited mobility can greatly affect the quality of your life. The insurance company will take into consideration how many fingers were severed and what part of the fingers needed to be amputated when calculating the value of a car accident settlement. It goes without saying that a settlement for 2-3 completely lost fingers will be higher than for losing the tip of only one finger.

The Settlement Depends on Which Finger(s) Got Severed in a Car Accident

Your fingers are quite different from one another, in appearance but, most importantly, in terms of functionality. It may depend on the nature of your daily activities, but usually, it’s clear that your most important fingers are the thumb and the index finger, followed by the middle, ring or little finger.

In a suit, you will have to demonstrate how losing certain fingers has affected your day-to-day activities. The doctors will also have to demonstrate the level of your impairment.

The Timing of the Medical Treatment You Get Is Crucial

Calculating the value of your settlement will be part of your St. Louis auto accident attorney’s job, and will depend on the insurance company. Your most important job is to go to the doctor and follow the recommended treatments thoroughly, as this will also impact the value of your claim.

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Updated: August 4, 2022