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St. Louis Car Accidents: What Causes a Driver to Lose Control of Their Vehicle?

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Traffic accidents cost the US about $871 billion every year, and with so much money down the drain, one can’t help but wonder what causes these accidents. Most car accidents in the country occur when a driver loses control of their vehicle and crashes into an object or someone, leading to severe injuries and sometimes death.

This article will explore a few common reasons drivers lose control of their vehicles and how to maintain vehicle control despite road conditions.

Distracted Driving

Approximately 9 people die every day because of distracted driving car accidents. A distracted driving accident occurs when something diverts the driver’s attention from the road. This distraction may stem from eating, texting, or answering a phone call while driving. 

Distracted driving endangers the driver, passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. There are four types of road distractions, namely:

  • Visual distractions
  • Manual distractions
  • Auditory distractions
  • Cognitive distractions

All distractions are dangerous, and drivers must maintain full focus while driving to avoid distracted driving accidents. Cut off all distractions while on the wheel, even if it means keeping your phone and other distractions out of reach. 

Driver Negligence

Driver negligence is when the driver is careless and fails to attain reasonable levels of care while on the road. Examples of driver negligence include:

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or a drug
  • Failing to create a safe environment for passengers and pedestrians
  • Illegally driving on someone’s property without 

Not all forms of driver negligence lead to loss of control, but others, like driving while high or drunk, do. Drugs and alcohol impair driver judgment and increase the likelihood of an accident.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures occur when mechanical parts of the car fail due to wear and tear or other reasons. A vehicle with mechanical failure won’t respond appropriately to the driver’s actions, leading to loss of control. Examples of mechanical failures include: 

  • Steering wheel failure
  • Brake failure
  • Engine failure
  • Tire issues

Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions can also make drivers lose control, especially amateur drivers. Rain and snow make roads extra slippery because of the loss of friction between the tires and the road. This slipperiness makes it difficult for the driver to maintain vehicle control and can lead to accidents.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers

Losing control of your vehicle can be disastrous, but you can avoid it by driving carefully and taking good care of your car. If someone else loses control and crashes into you, your vehicle, or your property, you deserve compensation for the injuries and property damage.

The legal process can be complicated, and insurance companies may try to offer you a settlement that does not adequately cover your losses. However, an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm can help you navigate the complex legal system and pursue the compensation you deserve. With over 25 years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of Missouri’s laws and regulations governing car accidents. We can fight to protect your rights and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation.

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Updated: March 28, 2023