The Long-Term Effects of Brain Injuries from Missouri Car Accidents


Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries with long-term effects. Seek help from a Missouri car accident lawyer to protect your rights and secure compensation. Call (314) 361-4242 Car accidents can have devastating consequences, especially when it comes to brain injuries. In Missouri, many individuals suffer from the long-term effects of brain injuries sustained in car … Read more

3 Common Brain Injuries From Car Accidents 

Some of the most common brain injuries from car accidents include concussions, cerebral edema, and hematomas. When a car accident happens, the force of the impact can cause your head to be jolted violently, making you susceptible to brain injuries. These injuries can vary in severity – from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries; … Read more

Migraine After a Car Accident

st. louis woman with a migraine

If you experience migraines after a head injury, go immediately to the emergency room to get checked for a brain injury. Car accidents often have serious consequences in terms of injuries, property damage, and even deaths. Sometimes, injuries get worse in time if left untreated, or they are challenging to detect when they happen internally. … Read more