Hip Pain After Car Accident

hip injury St. Louis car accident

Car accidents cause lower extremity injuries, with 50% affecting the knee, thigh, and hip. Hip fractures are a common outcome that requires surgery. Car accidents can cause many different types of injuries, including fatal injuries. Thanks to the advancement in automobile safety technology, the risk of injuries has been significantly reduced. Today, occupants often escape from … Read more

Scaphoid Fracture After a Car Accident

x-ray of a scaphoid fracture after a car accident

A scaphoid fracture can occur when the driver’s or passenger’s wrist hits the steering wheel or dashboard or when the wrist is twisted or bent at an awkward angle. While any part of the body can be injured in a car accident, some body parts are more vulnerable than others. One such body part is … Read more

Arm Pain After Car Accident

st louis car wreck arm injury

Some of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents are injuries to the arm and elbow, injuries that can cause debilitating pain. According to our St. Louis car accident lawyer, there could be various causes of arm pain after a car accident. If you are experiencing tingling, numbness, or pain in the arm, it … Read more

Pelvic Fracture From a Car Accident

doctors examining a pelvic x-ray

A direct impact on the pelvis in a car accident can cause severe fractures, leading to internal bleeding, organ damage, and even death. Due to its location and anatomy, the pelvis is one of the most vulnerable body parts in a car crash. A direct impact on the pelvis can cause severe fractures, leading to … Read more