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Uber Car Accident: Should I Accept a Settlement Offer?


Do not accept the first settlement offer, especially if you haven’t spoken with an experienced attorney. Here’s why.

uber car accident settlement

Uber is almost everywhere these days, so much so that some studies actually show the number of car accidents tends to rise when the company enters a city, particularly when it comes to the number of fatalities.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident with an Uber driver, and have filed a personal injury claim, you may be wondering if you should accept the initial offer made by the company.

Getting in a Uber Car Accident

When an Uber driver gets into a car accident, they have special insurance that kicks in to cover both them, and the passengers they may have at the time. In Missouri, car accidents of any kind are rarely brought in front of a judge. It’s far more likely to resolve the matters through insurance claims unless there is proof of one driver causing the accident on purpose.

When it comes to Uber car accidents, however, you will not be dealing with the company directly. Uber has partnered with different insurance companies to protect their drivers, and as a result, you will have to file a claim with the company that insures the driver.

Apart from establishing the partnership, Uber has nothing to do with the process. Still, the insurance company that covers the drivers may have an incentive to speed up the process as much as they can. Uber car accidents are often high-profile, meaning they generate a lot of attention from the media, so it’s in the company’s best interest to make matters go away.

As a result, the insurance adjuster will likely offer a quick settlement. They may even appear sympathetic, like they understand what you are going through, and stress that they think the settlement is more than generous to cover your expenses.

You Should Never Accept the First Offer

First offers are generally a lot lower than what you may be entitled to get. The insurance company will establish a particular amount they are willing to pay, but the adjuster will to their best to offer a settlement lower than that. For them, it’s part of the job description. They have to save the company money.

But for you, it means not getting nearly as much as what you’re legally entitled to. Adjusters may even stress that the matters are time-sensitive, to create a sense of urgency and get you to accept the offer without questioning it. Do not accept the initial offer, especially if you have not spoken with an experienced attorney.

What Should You Do?

If you’ve been in an Uber car accident, speak with a St. Louis car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. as soon as possible. The insurance company will try to wrap things up very quickly and offer a low settlement fast, but you are likely entitled to much more. A lawyer can help negotiate a better settlement to get you all of the compensation you are legally entitled to, not just some of it.

Free Consultation with a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t talk to an insurance claims adjuster before speaking with The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We can help you avoid making statements that may affect the outcome of your case. The consultation is free; you don’t pay unless we get you money!

Updated: December 19, 2019