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What Are Interrogatories in a St. Louis Car Accident Case?

If you have been in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you may come across the term: Interrogatory.

Let’s consider what this term means and what questions you may expect after a St. Louis car accident.

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What Exactly Are Interrogatories?

Generally, there are four stages in a car accident lawsuit: discovery, mediation, trial, and appeal stage. The Interrogatory process generally happens in the discovery stage. The other phases of this stage include requests for documents and depositions.

During the interrogatory phase, the defendant will typically send you written questions to get your accident account, details about your injuries, and personal information. It is generally best to avoid handling the interrogatory questions on your own. An experienced St. Louis car accident attorney can help you avoid making mistakes that could impact your case.

What Questions Should You Expect?

Missouri follows The Federal Rule of Civil Procedure regarding interrogatories. This rule is clear: the defendant can only ask you 25 questions. In most cases, you may get questions regarding your:

  • Name
  • Workplace
  • Financial information
  • Injuries
  • Treating doctor
  • Date of birth
  • Description of the car collision

Are You Required to Respond to Interrogatory Questions?

Generally, yes! However, there are exceptions. Rule no. 33 of the Federal Rules of Civil procedure requires you to answer or object to questions you receive from the opposing party within 30 days. If you object to a given question, you are required to indicate the grounds for your objection.

In other words, you cannot just ignore the questions. If you do so, the other driver can request the court to compel you to answer them.

Are Interrogatory Questions Answered Under an Oath?

Yes, every answer you give to interrogatory questions is generally under oath. This means your answers can be used against you. This makes having a car accident attorney by your side invaluable. They can help you avoid making mistakes that could ruin your chances of recovering full and fair compensation.

A car accident attorney can also help you come up with the right questions for the other party — the kind that will help you build a convincing case and prove your claim has merit and strengthen your case.

Speak With a St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident in St Louis, you can be sure the other driver and their insurance company will have a team of attorneys ready to bombard you with confusing legal questions. You don’t have to deal with this on your own.

At The Hoffmann Law Firm, we have been helping car accident victims in St. Louis for 25 years. We know the tricks insurance companies often use to devalue or deny your claim. Give our experienced attorneys a call 24/7 to ensure your legal rights are protected after an accident.

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Updated: December 16, 2021