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“What Should I Do If the Insurance Company Wants to See My Medical Records?”

Your medical records are one of the most important types of evidence you will use in your car accident claim.

When it comes to a car accident or personal injury claim, medical records are the most important type of evidence to form the base of your claim. Providing these records to the insurance company goes without saying, but you should understand what to show them and what to keep to yourself.

St. Louis doctor filling out medical record after car accident

Medical Records in a Car Accident Claim

Your medical records are one of the most important types of evidence you will use in your car accident claim. Going to the doctor after you’ve been injured is extremely important, but sometimes medical exams don’t contain all the information necessary in a claim. 

Suppose the insurance company asks for additional information about your present or pre-existing injuries. In that case, you will generally have to provide this extra information, but make sure it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage. 

You might also be required to undergo an independent medical exam. You typically can’t refuse this exam if the insurance company demands it, but you might have the possibility to choose your doctor from a list provided by the insurer. Before going to an IME, check with your attorney to see what you should and shouldn’t say to the doctor. 

Providing Access to All of Your Medical History

Insurance companies use various tricks to try and minimize your claim or deny it altogether. 

When an insurance adjuster asks you to give them access to your entire medical history, they usually do it to put themselves at an advantage. Insurance companies don’t have the right to access medical records that are not related to the incident related to your claim. 

Even if the tone and wording used by the insurance adjuster might give you the impression that such a thing is required, you must be aware that it’s just a tactic used to get compromising information about you. 

One of the most common tactics used by insurance companies to minimize their costs is to find injuries or conditions from the past of the victims that could be blamed for the damage instead of the accident you’re reporting. 

If you think that the information required by the insurance adjuster is not relevant to your claim, you can politely decline the request and only release documents directly related to your car accident injuries. You should also notify your St. Louis car accident lawyer about their request so that they can adapt their strategy accordingly. 

Protecting Your Rights to Fair Compensation

Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident resulting in injuries? Ensure your right to compensation is protected by speaking with a St. Louis car accident attorney ASAP. They can deal with insurance adjusters, use your medical records to prove your claim, and block any tactics insurers might use to minimize your compensation. An experienced lawyer is well versed in all the tricks used by adjusters and understands how to fight against them. 

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Updated: December 23, 2020