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Who is at Fault in Lane Change Auto Accidents?

When it comes to St. Louis auto accidents, one notorious source of confusion is lane change accidents, which can often be hard to assess.

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Why Fault Matters

First, let’s discuss why fault matters. The reason is that it informs every party involved of what their legal strategies should be. For example, if the other driver acted in a negligent manner, you will likely be the one pursuing benefits. Fault also gives you a better idea of how much compensation you can obtain because you being somewhat responsible for what happened will lessen your potential settlement.

The Easy Way to Assign Fault

The driver that changes lanes and hits the other car is almost always at fault in lane change accidents. The reason is that the law sees the person who isn’t making a move as innocent. When the other party makes contact, that is a negligent action. A typical situation in which this framework applies is drivers not checking their blind spot before changing lanes. If doing so result in a crash, they will likely be deemed at fault.

A Rare Case That is Tough to Crack

One of the few cases that is a bit difficult to understand is when there are two cars with a full lane between them. In it, both drivers start to change lanes at the same time and end up colliding in the middle. This situation is difficult because both parties were making an action, instead of just one. The most likely result is both of them taking on some percentage of fault.

Obtaining Benefits

One of the best things you can do after a lane change accident is speak with a car accident attorney. They can assess your case, help you understand who was at fault for the crash, give you advice on how to move forward, and represent you throughout the process. Doing so is crucial because if you suffer an injury, you will likely incur a variety of expenses. A lawyer can get you the support you need through a personal injury case.

Proving Your Side of the Story

As you might imagine, some drivers lie about what happened in crashes because they are scared of the potential consequences. The result is often a gridlocked case that cannot go on. Fortunately, you can hire an accident reconstructionist to assess the vehicles, skid marks on the ground, and more. Doing so can strengthen your case significantly.

The first step in resolving a lane change accident is understanding the case, and a crucial aspect of doing so is deciding who was at fault. It is important to speak with a St. Louis car accident attorney about how you want to handle your claim. Whether that is pursuing benefits in a personal injury claim or deciding not to, getting a consultation is always a smart idea. Call us 24/7 at (314) 361-4242 for a FREE Consultation.

Updated: January 10, 2019