Single Vehicle Accident St. Louis, MO

car wreck single vehicle accident

There are circumstances when the driver in a single-vehicle accident may not be liable, include hitting a tree or any other object with a car, running off the road, or flipping in the middle of the road without hitting another vehicle. Since there is only one driver involved, in most cases the driver is held responsible for the accident. However, … Read more

Railroad Crossing Accidents St. Louis, MO

An accident involving a train and car occurs every three hours in the U.S. Motor vehicle accidents that occur at railroad crossings are often fatal. Operation Lifesaver is an organization dedicated to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities that are a result of accidents occurring at railroad crossings. According to their statistics, an accident … Read more

Americans Drove Equal to 337 round trips to the planet Pluto!

During 2015, there were 3.15 trillion miles of recorded driving. This figure has broken all past aggregate recorded miles driven. The number of cars on U.S. roads continues to increase. The total miles driven during 2015 was more than any previous recorded year. Collectively, Americans have driven the equivalent of 337 round trips to the planet Pluto! The more cars driving on the road, … Read more

St. Louis Car Accident Injuries : Throat Pain

The delicate and important structures inside of the throat make such an injury a complicated one. The throat is an area which runs the risk of severe injuries because it is exposed. Blunt force trauma to the throat can cause secondary damage to the esophagus, spine, trachea, or brainstem. Causes of Throat Injuries Blunt force … Read more

TMJ Car Accident

Until recently, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder was believed to be a disorder that affected people with prior jaw or teeth issues. If a person had missing or chipped teeth, or they were prone to grinding teeth in their sleep, they were expected to have some kind of TMJ pain.  However, there is another cause of TMJ … Read more