Brain Hemorrhage Car Accident St. Louis

The symptoms of a brain hemorrhage may go unnoticed and are at times attributed to other less serious conditions. This can cause life-threatening complications. One of the most serious injuries that a victim can sustain in a car accident is a brain hemorrhage. It is important to know the warning signs of this condition. Brain Hemorrhage … Read more

Shoulder Pain after Car Accident


Shoulder injuries can result from different types of traumatic events, the most common ones being car wrecks. Shoulder injuries can range from soft tissue injuries to serious ones such as fractures and dislocation. Soft Tissue Injuries Car accidents can lead to a variety of soft tissue injuries, including whiplash and shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement happens when the rotator … Read more

Hip Pain After Car Accident

hip injury St. Louis car accident

Instances of lower extremity injuries are on an increase among front seat occupants involved in head-on collisions. Also, around 50% of the lower extremity injuries involve trauma to the knee, thigh, and hip region. Car accidents can cause many different types of injuries, including fatal injuries. Thanks to the advancement in automobile safety technology, the … Read more

Towing Accidents


More than half of vehicles towing a trailer are violating safety standards, increasing the risk for an accident. In addition to the tractor-trailers that regularly travel on the roadways, there are hundreds of renter moving trucks and moving trailers, car trailers, boat trailers, campers, flatbed trailers, and animal trailers. Each one of these increases the risk of a motor vehicle accident. Over the … Read more

How Should a Pregnant Woman Wear a Seatbelt?


September 18-24 was Child Passenger Safety Week. We take this opportunity to answer questions about the safety of pregnant mothers while driving or riding as passengers in a car. Most people recognize that seat belts are important when it comes to protecting adults, children, and infants in the event of an accident. However, pregnant women often ask whether … Read more