Types of Video Evidence in a Car Accident Claim

dash camera

Video evidence is crucial in car accident claims. Dashcams, cell phone footage, and body cam footage can help prove negligence and establish causation. Sufficient evidence, especially demonstrative evidence, is arguably the most crucial part of filing a car accident claim, next to hiring an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. Video evidence obtained legally can … Read more

What is Highway Hypnosis?

what is highway hypnosis

Highway hypnosis is a trance-like state that impairs driver awareness and increases the risk of accidents. Here’s how to recognize and avoid it. Have you ever been driving and suddenly realized you don’t remember the last few miles? If so, you may have experienced highway hypnosis. This phenomenon is more common than most people realize … Read more

What to Do if the Other Driver Refuses to Share Insurance Information After a Car Accident


There are several steps you can take to protect your legal rights if the driver refuses to provide their insurance info after a car accident. Imagine you’re involved in an auto collision, and the other motorist is responsible for the incident. As you attempt to exchange insurance information, the other party declines. Although this is … Read more