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3 Ways Trucking Companies Try To Avoid Liability After an Accident


Trucking companies often use these tactics to try and avoid paying victims of trucking accidents.

Trucking accidents often have deadly repercussions. If you or a loved one has had the misfortune to be involved in such an event, you are likely dealing with the consequences head-on, which may include one or more of the following:

Going against a trucking company to get compensation for your damages can be intimidating. To make matters worse, such companies often use tactics to try and avoid paying a cent to injured victims. Here are 3 of their most common tactics to watch out for.

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1. Blaming the Accident on the Truck Driver or Operator

Trucking companies don’t always own the vehicles they use to transport cargo, and neither do they always employ the drivers directly. They often subcontract these services form smaller companies who own the trucks and hire the drivers, which gives them plenty of opportunities to separate themselves from liability.

However, they can directly contribute to the car accident by imposing short delivery deadlines which forces operators and drivers to overextend themselves and create an unsafe culture. So even if technically the driver caused the accident, and the operator is held responsible for the truck driver, it doesn’t mean the company is completely blameless in this scenario.

2. Blame It on You

Another tactic they may use is to try and shift the blame to you, claiming that you cannot receive compensation because you’re also at-fault for the incident. By filing a claim, you could be opening yourself up to paying damages as well.

The thing is, even if you are partially responsible for the accident, it doesn’t mean you cannot get compensated. Missouri has a comparative fault system, which means you will get a percentage of fault if warranted, which will then lower your settlement. 

For instance, if you are found 30% at-fault, you can only receive 70% of the settlement. But 70% can still be a lot.

3. Fight Tooth and Nail to Give You As Little As Possible

Let’s say the company doesn’t deny liability and owns up to its responsibility. That still doesn’t mean you’re going to get a fair settlement. Though they seem sympathetic, they will likely try to push for you to accept the lowest amount possible.

They will use anything they can to make this happen, from telling you the settlements comes with a short deadline, to even using your driving records as an argument that you cannot win more during negotiations and a trial. This is still a way for them to avoid liability, specifically full liability. Unfortunately, many truck accident victims with medical bills piling up may be quick to sign a settlement because of this.

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