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The aftereffects of a car accident can be life-changing, especially when your injury has caused a permanent disability. Talk to a Lawyer for Free 24/7 at (314) 361-4242!

Spinal cord injuries and permanent paralysis are not uncommon in catastrophic car crashes. If you are facing a lifetime of limited mobility due to a car accident, discuss your legal options with a Missouri auto accident attorney.

Complete and Incomplete Paralysis

Paralysis after a car crash may be complete or incomplete. With complete paralysis, there is no sensation or movement below the site of injury. However, when paralysis is incomplete, there may be some sensation or motor functioning below the site of injury.

Some patients may recover some movement or sensation, while some are rendered disabled for the lifetime. There are treatments available that can help improve the overall quality of life.

What is Paraplegia?

When the injury occurs below the first thoracic spinal nerve, the victim may become paralyzed from that point down. Paraplegia usually affects the abdomen and legs. It can cause bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction. The victim still has full use of hands, arms, and shoulders.

What is Tetraplegia or Quadriplegia?

When the injury occurs above the thoracic spinal nerve anywhere up to the neck, the person can suffer paralysis affecting the arms, legs, and trunk. A person who develops quadriplegia can suffer dysfunction of the bladder, sexual, bowel and respiratory system.

Regardless of whether the victim has paraplegia or quadriplegia, their ability to move and function depends on two factors:

  • The exact location of the injury
  • Whether paralysis is complete or incomplete

These factors determine both the prognosis and the type of treatment.

Complications of Paralysis

Autonomic dysreflexia – is a life-threatening complication and affects people who have suffered a spinal cord injury at the middle of the chest or higher. It is caused by a problem with the autonomic nervous system that controls body functions such as breathing, blood pressure etc.

Depression – It may be difficult to come to terms with paralysis and this can cause depression.

Sex life and fertility – While some people can have a normal sex life and can have children even after developing paralysis, some people can develop problems with sex life and fertility.

Treatment for Paralysis

Some car accident victims may recover sensation and their ability to move. However, many patients require extensive treatments to manage the condition and accompanying complications. They may also need devices to help them perform some key functions such as breathing and bowel movement. Patients often require long periods of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Living with Paralysis

While the areas of the body affected and the severity of paralysis differs from one car accident victim to the next, there are some common traits. The medical care required to treat paralysis is extensive and expensive, physical therapy is required to help restore as much mobility as possible, and the injured party must learn how to adapt to their new physical limitations. Tasks that were once simple to perform will now be a struggle and can take years to get accustomed to.

Compensation for Future Medical Costs

If you have been injured by a negligent driver, consult with our St. Louis Paralysis Attorney from The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We understand not just the financial strain from medical costs, but the emotional and psychological changes that you are facing. Ongoing medical care may last for years, and in some cases, are necessary for the rest of your life. We will fight for you to be compensated for medical expenses and will advocate for your personal pain and suffering and the complete change in your quality of life. Call us today at (314) 361-4242.

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